LAN Partay!!

Drazek, Dixie(Athaina) are visiting Kahneolus for a whole week starting today! :)

We shall be doing the WildStar thing like a Boss! - catch us in game and get your butts into Team Speak!

See you there Soldier!
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Posted by: Drazek
26 Jul 2014, 20:21


Competitions Page!

Hello Guildies!

I have begun work on the Competitions webpage (well I started this 2 weeks ago), and I've come to a point where I think I can share it with everyone!

It's still a work in progress, but it does show the winners of last month's house plot competition, and it shows off the related images, which are also in the screenshots section! (you see, all of these things link together!)

Check it out here: UDF2 WildStar Competitions Page

You -should- be able to enter the next competition by hitting the "Enter Competition" button, this will then ask you for some details and 3 screenshots. - whether this actually works or not right now i'm unsure, forgive me if it's broken, I'm still working on it all ;)

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Posted by: Drazek
15 Jul 2014, 09:54


Drazek and Dixie away until Sunday 13th July

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed, myself and Dixie have not been online this weekend.

I just thought I'd let you all know that we are currently in Cardiff visiting family.

We will be back and resume our normal routine on Sunday evening!

See you soon!

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Posted by: Drazek
12 Jul 2014, 22:10


I've been hacked! or suspended for no reason?

Hello guildies,

Looks like your guild leader was the victim of WildStar's nasty ban bot.

I got a message last night saying that my account was suspended for using "Third party exploits" - now I dunno about you, but I don't exactly consider a Threat Meter, or a mod which hides offline guild members as being an exploit?

So unless I've been hacked and WildStar's ban hammer noticed before I did, or I'm being framed!!

- I've contacted WS support and asked them to please hurry up and sort this out.

until then, I'll be in TeamSpeak when I'm home! - come join me in TeamSpeak!
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Posted by: Drazek
09 Jul 2014, 12:39