Dark Horizons is the WildStar division of the UDF2 Multi-Gaming Community, we've travelled across many games, originating from Quake 2 and Counter-Strike, into the MMO space of Horizons(Istaria), World of Warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars 2 and now WildStar!

We are a close knit group of gamers, most of us are friends and family however we have made many friends along the way. We value friendship and teamwork, all of our members are friendly and we welcome new friends to join us.

All types of players are welcome, we wish to focus on all types of content within WildStar - ranging from Adventures and Dungeons to 20/40 Raids and War Plots - Our ultimate goal is to build a strong raiding team of 40+ members who can participate and progress through all the raiding and War Plot insanity that WildStar has to offer.

We play for the Exiles. We encourage members to join their alt characters to the guild.

Guild Rules:

1. Members should be over 18 years old, exceptions may be made for real-life friends or partners. - We do not wish to alienate the younger generation however many of us are in our mid 20s or older, adult humour and swearing may be a common occurrence within the guild and we do not wish to tone this down to suit the younger generation, we're all adults here after all ;)

2. Upon joining Dark Horizons, you will be assigned the 'New Recruit' rank - This rank is to signify that you are a new guild member and is used as a trial period to ensure that you fit well within the guild. - Once your trial period has ended, should we feel that you fit in well with the guild (see below), we will promote you to a full member rank.

3. We urge all members (not just recruits) to participate within the guild, talk to one another and socialise, group up for questing, dungeons, etc. sign up for the forum and generally help the guild community flourish through good and light hearted communication.

4. Members can ask a guild officer to invite other players to the guild, provided that they meet our age requirement. - Real life friends and family will always be allowed.

5. Members who don't log in for 4 weeks will be demoted to the 'Inactive' rank - These members will then be contacted to find out if they are still playing WildStar on another character and sorted accordingly. Should an inactive member not login or contact us within a further 4 weeks, we will remove them from the guild entirely.

Guild Charter:

1. Internal Behaviour: You should treat your fellow guildies with respect and dignity and behave in a mature way. If a situation occurs where this rule is broken an officer needs to be consulted with the aim to resolve the issue. Co-operation between all members is to be expected. Dropping out of a group/raid in the middle of something is not punishable, as long as a valid reason is given.

2. External Behaviour: Treat all players with the respect you would extend to guildies. Expect the same from them. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved in a reasonable way then inform an officer. When playing in a group of non-Guildies, many problems will be avoided if you agree loot rules before starting. Also please try to remember that some people will RP, so please keep any discussion of game mechanics or OOC (out of character) chat away from /say or /yell channels.

3. Sexism or Racism: Racist or sexual harassment will lead to a kick and a ban from the guild.

4. Disputes: In the case of a dispute that cannot be solved with the guild member(s) involved you should approach an Officer or the Leader. All communications will be treated in strictest confidence if you choose to use private mail or messaging, with the exception that Officers will keep the Leader informed (but not other Officers). In such a case the decision of the leadership will be final.

5. Group Loot Behaviour: All drops higher than vendor trash will be looted on a Need or Greed basis. Master Looter rules will be used in guild raids, and we use our own internal loot list to allocate raid loot. - (We use a fair loot queuing system).

6. Crafting for Guildies: Dark Horizons considers all of it's members as close friends, and friends help each other. - Therefore you should strive to help your fellow guild members, crafting items for others should be on a materials only basis and no fee for crafting should be charged (other than the cost for materials should the requesting member not have them).

Guild Council:

The guild is run by a group of officers and the guild leader - these members make up the guild council. All officers have full rights within the guild and are able to make decisions without needing to seek the leader's approval. - The Guild Leader is there to run the guild and steer it in the right direction, also the Guild Leader has the final say in any decisions he is involved in.

Guild Ranks & Promotions:

Dark Horizons employs a range of Ranks within the guild, and promotion to these ranks is obtainable in the following ways:


A promotion to guild officer will be at the leader's and existing officer's discretion, should the guild council feel that a member shows particular strengths in guild leadership and has been helping the guild out in other ways (such as forum moderation, event organisation, etc) then a vote may be taken to promote that member into an officer.


The Veteran rank is given to our long standing guild members, and those of whom have expressed more of an interest within the guild community, participated in guild events, are active and social within guild chat and the forums, have participated in raids, etc. - Should a member of this calibre arise, the council will hold a vote to determine whether this member should be given the 'Veteran' rank.

The Veteran rank will receive all the benefits that the 'Raider' rank provides.

The Veteran rank will also be given access to officer chat, the ability to invite new members to the guild.

Should the Guild Leader and Officers not be available, Veterans will be given temporary officer rights and the ability to make decisions in lieu of the Guild Council.

Nominations for Veteran status will be accepted, and should be sent to a guild officer or the guild leader.


This rank is given to those members who show a particular interest in Raiding and will be awarded to those who participate in 5+ raids. - Guildies of the 'Raider' rank will be a given priority invite to the raid team, followed then by any member who wishes to participate in the raid. - Loot will still be awarded via our fair loot queuing system and Raiders will not receive priority on raid loot.

Similarly, a Raider who does not participate in more than 5 raids in a row will be demoted back to the 'Member' rank - This is to keep things fair and give our 'Member' rank players more opportunity to join the raid team.


Guild 'Recruits' who have passed the 1 week probation period will be promoted to the 'Member' rank and be welcomed as a fully fledged guild member of the Dark Horizons.


All newly invited players will be given the 'Recruit' rank, this is to signify that they are a new member to the guild. - Recruits will be required to undergo a 7 day probation before being promoted to 'Soldier'.


Members who don't log in for 4 weeks will be demoted to the 'Inactive' rank - These members will then be contacted to find out if they are still playing WildStar on another character and sorted accordingly. Should an inactive member not login or contact us within a further 4 weeks, we will remove them from the guild entirely.

This is to ensure that the guild roster stays clean and does not end up being overrun by a long list of members who no longer play WildStar.