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Calling all Dark Horizonians! (horizonians?)

As we've progressing closer and closer to being able to setup our own raiding team and start the ball rolling on getting some organised PvE content smashing going on! (i'm level 50 now btw!)

I thought it might be a good/fun idea to start getting some input from you guildies on what your thoughts on the "best builds" for each class are!

I may also create a "Raiding" page on our website, and permanently list our choice of 'best builds' for each class within this page. - What do you think?

So I urge you! - let your voice be heard!, go to the forum, and post down your choice of 'best build' for your desired class, ask questions, collaborate and get funky!

Click here for: UDF2 Members - Class Forum (members only)

p.s. if you are a guild member, and can't access the forum, please let me know in the comments or in game and I'll fix you up!
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Posted by: Drazek
21 Aug 2014, 12:45


Circle for Level 50 Veteran Dungeon Runners


Hello all!

I have a join-venture circle setup with the guild "The Elders" for all level 50's who wish to partake in veteran dungeon runs and attunement quests.

In order to be eligible to join this circle you must pass the following criteria:

1. have all blue level 50 gear or higher.

2. have at least 1 rune in each piece of gear.

3. DPSers - must be able to do 3k dps on a dummy. (this is really easy)

These requirements are very reasonable and the bare minimum needed to be able to successfully run veteran dungeons.

So if you wish to join the circle and meet up with some extra like minded veteran dungeoneers then give me a shout in game, I'll subject you to a requirement quality check and then i'll throw you an invite! :)

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Posted by: Drazek
13 Aug 2014, 23:25


House Plot Competition - August


Hey all - as you should all be aware, we run a monthly house plot competition with prizes to be won!

Last month's competition only had 2 entries, so we decided to skip last month and try again this month.

What this means is that we need contestants! - so please consider entering the competition :)

There are 2 ways you can enter:

#1 (the coolest way) is to go to the competitions page right here on our website and click the "Enter Competition" button! this will allow you to choose the character of who's house plot you wish to enter and upload 3 screenshots.

#2 you can create a post on our forum, with your 3 screenshots attached. - however we prefer method #1!

The Judging of each house plot competition will be recorded and will make its way up to our YouTube channel, so if you wish to see your house plot featured, get entering! ;D
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Posted by: Drazek
11 Aug 2014, 16:45



Hello all Guildies!

I am calling out to all of you, especially those who haven't been online for the past two weeks.

I would like to see a lot more activity within the guild this week, as we are trying to increase our numbers and recruit new members. It would be good to see some old faces returning online a little more often!

So if you're sitting at home wondering what to do, get your butt online! - join us in TS and guild chat, get some groups going and have some fun! - the more the merrier :)
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Posted by: Drazek
29 Jul 2014, 14:49

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