Mega Servers!



Wildstar News: Megaservers

So Megaservers are finally going to make their debut - this calls for a party!

To celebrate some new life coming into WildStar, we are going to hold a guild event on 16th. Starting at 6pm server/uk time. (this thursday, after the migration).

Lets see if we can down some huge world bosses yeah!?

Tell your friends and fellow guild members, be there or be square!

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Posted by: Drazek
13 Oct 2014, 16:32


State of the game


Hello all!

As you're all aware, Wildstar has gotten a little bare at the moment, and a lot of guildies haven't been logging on. I believe we are all waiting for the Mega Servers update and/or drop 3. (which will have 2 large content updates!)

Anyway, a bunch of us have started playing ArcheAge to fill the time: check it out.

If you fancy joining us in ArcheAge here's the details:

Region: Europe.

Server: Melisara.

Race: Nuian or Elf.

Add one of us to your friends list of give us a shout on steam! :)

"Drazek", "Straggla", "Athaina".

See you soon!
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Posted by: Drazek
12 Oct 2014, 22:05

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PvE Progression days!


Hello all,

It's time we decided on a few days for guild progression runs. - this can be anything from Attunement progression, to veteran adventures/dungeons, to low level dungeons/questing.

The first thing we need to do is find out which day(s) everybody is most likely to be free to attend! - so please click here and enter the poll!

Once we have a good idea on what days are best for everyone, we will dedicate these days to guild group content.

Watch this space!
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Posted by: Drazek
14 Sep 2014, 12:17


House Plot Competition #2 - Winners!


Howdy Folks!

I'm pleased to announce the winners of our second house plot competition!

Internal Winner: DixieCassidy!

Runners Up: Auden, Ronya

External Winner: Syrine!

Runners Up: Sakemetsu, Alea

Thanks to all six of you for participating this round! - your prizes will be winging their ways over to you soon :)
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Posted by: Drazek
01 Sep 2014, 00:26