1st House Plot Competition Winners!

Greetings Guildies!

Thank you to all who took part in the guild house plot competition! - It was a lot of fun adventuring through all the contestant's house plots and trying to decide on the winners.

With that, yes we have some winners!

Internal Category Winner: Lennard

Internal Category Runners up: Sakemetsu, Zayr

External Category Winner: Zayr

External Category Runners up: Sakemetsu, Lennard

Apologies if this seems a little odd, but as per the competition rules we had to judge each category separately, and fairly. - and this is just how the first round turned out!

Special Thanks to: FrostFire and Premio for taking part, you gave those top 3 a run for their money and made the judging very hard indeed!

- I am still working on the website code for the house plot competition, and once complete, it will showcase the winners, list the next competition, and allow you to 'sign up' to it with your entry details.

'til next time! - Draz.
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Posted by: Drazek
02 Jul 2014, 11:38

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Strain UltraDrop is Live!

Hello fellow Guildies!

As you most probably already know, STRAIN ULTRA DROP IS HERE!


Click the banner for all the info.

Peace! - Draz.
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Posted by: Drazek
01 Jul 2014, 17:02

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UDF2 Gaming YouTube Channel!

Howdy Y'all!

As you may or may not be aware, we have our own YouTube channel! - UDF2 Gaming

I have been recording all of our Dungeon and Adventure runs to date and have been uploading the craziness to the channel for the world to see!

So go check it out!


let us know if you like it :)
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Posted by: Drazek
21 Jun 2014, 08:12


House Plot Competition!

Hello Guildies!

I've come up with an idea and decided it would be cool to hold a monthly house plot competition:

The rules will be as follows:

1. There will be 2 categories for this competition: small house, and large house. - you may enter both categories if you wish.

2. There will be a prize for the winners of each category, each month. as well as 2nd place and 3rd place runner up prizes. (prize to be decided)

3. This competition will be held once a month, once you've won the competition once in a category, you cannot win again. (however you can become a runner up) - This is to allow new members a chance to win the competition and stop the same person from winning month after month ;)

4. In order to enter the competition, you must upload 3 screenshots of your house plot, these screenshots can be of anything within your house plot. So be sure to capture your best parts, and be creative! (in order to upload these screenshots, you will need a website account ;)

5. The winner(s) and runners up will be decided by a vote!

6. In order to win the competition, you must have also placed your votes for your favourite 3 entries.

(Other rules may be added if I think of any.)

I will be creating a new website system to facilitate this whole competition, submissions, voting, showcasing the winners, etc. - So the competition will not start until this system is complete, so bear with me :)
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Posted by: Drazek
15 Jun 2014, 13:05