Server change!

It's official! - we are joining the Gunnar's Hold server for Launch!

Ebenhawke Falcons (old Invictus guild) have confirmed their intent to join the Gunnar's Hold server to join us and all of our other friends :)

Game on!

Some of our friends will be going to the Gunnar's Hold server, so I'm contemplating joining that server so we can play with them?

Namely Maite from last dawn and her members, plus the official PC Gamer guild, it's sounding like Gunnar's hold might become a mostly English based server of pc gamer are involved!

What do you think?
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Posted by: Drazek
21 Aug 2012, 12:41


Server for Launch

Hello everybody!

Guild Wars has posted the official list of Launch Servers and we have decided on which server to join for launch.

Can everybody who is joining us in Guild Wars 2 please join the server: Aurora Glade.

See you in game!
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Posted by: Drazek
16 Aug 2012, 12:57