Let's get Raidin'!

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Let's get Raidin'!

Post by Drazek »


Okay soldiers! - It's time to get your war faces on!

At a rough count I see 10+ of us are now 2/4 GA attuned, that there be raidin' talk!

Now here's the plan:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. @ 7pm GMT(uk) - These are all Raidin' days! (and any other day that we all happen to be online and itchin' for a raid.)

Friday, Saturday. - These days had the highest picks in our 'what raid day?' poll, however I may/may not be able to raid on these days, but feel free to go without me if there's any content still left to down. ;)

RAIDING STARTS TODAY! ~ yes you heard me! no time like the present. - So if you're in game, get ready for an ass whoppin'!

Our current raidin' team can be found here: Raidin' Team

If you wish to join our raidin' team, make sure you sign up here: Raid Composition - Who's ready?
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Re: Let's get Raidin'!

Post by Skelvo »

I cant come tonight tho, Denmark playing play-off vs Sweden for EU-games in France. That game starts 20.45 (+1), however if the match is gonna be a complete disaster ill be online asap :D just don't count on me tonight sadly ;( I really want to be there when we start tho!
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Re: Let's get Raidin'!

Post by Goatnip »

Im haulin ass home!
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Re: Let's get Raidin'!

Post by pemel »

Hey Guys i can't raid on Wednesday and I don't think I can attempt every week 3 days at week I think max for me its 2 days in normal week days and ofc weekends am I normal free but things can change :)
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