Welcome New Recruits!

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Welcome New Recruits!

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So you've gone and joined the Dark Horizons guild? - Welcome to our ranks Recruit!

This is ground zero, this will be your central hub outside of the game, so let me break it down for you:

The first thing you need to do is go and create a website account. - You see that 'Register' button on the top right? go ahead and click that now, make yourself at home! (already have an account? then click 'Login' now)

Next you'll want to introduce yourself and show us your war face! - Click on the 'My Account' button in the top right, then in the control panel click on 'Create a Character', set yourself up and upload a selfie so we can see just how BAD ASS you really are!

If you have anything else to show us, then go ahead and click the 'Upload a Screenshot' button to share those precious memories with the rest of the Guild

Now turn your attention to the Forum. (you didn't think this would be a free ride did you?) - Click on the 'Forum' menu button and let the rest of the Guild know that you're here, post a message into the WildStar Join Us! forum and introduce yourself! (if you can't access this forum, give me a nudge and i'll add you to the wildstar members group - you'll then be able to see our top secret members only area!)

Finally if you have a voice, we wan'a hear it! If you're a mute, then you need to listen up cupcake! - Voice communication is highly regarded in this hole of ours, and for that we have our own Team Speak server. Login details are found in game in the guild message of the day, so get involved!

Follow these simple steps and you'll be well on your way to climbing the ranks and becoming a fully fledged Soldier!

What? being a Soldier isn't enough for you? You want to aim higher? ... well then, you better start pulling your weight and get out there Spanky! ~ Veteran and Raider ranks are reserved for only the most hardened members of our order. - Those who participate, those who help out and run things, those who frequent Team Speak and those who just plain 'Kick Ass!' will be the ones to reach these move coveted ranks and benefit from the perks they hold.

Now get out there and get doin'! and meet us on the field of battle Cupcake.
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