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State of the game

Post by Drazek »


Hello all!

As you're all aware, Wildstar has gotten a little bare at the moment, and a lot of guildies haven't been logging on. I believe we are all waiting for the Mega Servers update and/or drop 3. (which will have 2 large content updates!)

Anyway, a bunch of us have started playing ArcheAge to fill the time: check it out.

If you fancy joining us in ArcheAge here's the details:

Region: Europe.
Server: Melisara.
Race: Nuian or Elf.

Add one of us to your friends list of give us a shout on steam! :)

"Drazek", "Straggla", "Athaina".

See you soon!
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Re: State of the game

Post by Gelinger »

Persoanlly i am waiting for my RL situation about Army service to resolve. Should be within 1-2 weeks. So i either will be back for kicking asses or gone for solid 1 year.

P.S. Oh, and as much as i know about Archeage, in its current build of 1.2, it is totally not worth it. There is an actual "paywall" in game, witch will force you to pay money for additional labor points no matter of your premium status.
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